It is Our Mission to Produce Lifelong Learners

Tarkington School of Excellence will fully prepare our scholars for college and the work force by providing a safe, rigorous learning environment with high expectations for all. We will partner with our community and families to ensure that our scholars are able to exceed standards and not just meet them. As a learning community we will work together to prepare our students to be academically competitive with their peers worldwide and each of them will feel the love and commitment of our staff. Collectively, we will use each other as resources to create an exciting learning environment for our children and foster in them a thirst for knowledge that cannot be dampened by the social ills they confront each day.

Pre K-8

Tarkington School of Excellence

3330 W. 71st St.
Chicago , IL 60629

Enrollment: 1072
A CPS Neighborhood School

Principal's Message


Greetings and Welcome to Tarkington

I am extremely honored to be serving as the principal of Tarkington School of Excellence. I am excited to support this extraordinary team of teachers and staff, parents, and students. Through a personalized approach to learning, Team Tarkington supports all students in fulfilling their potential in high school, college, and beyond. With united support, our students will achieve greatness! 

Me siento honrada de poder servir como directora de la Escuela de Excelencia Tarkington. Estoy muy entusiasmada de apoyar este equipo de maestros/as extraordinarios, el personal, los padres, y estudiantes. A través de una experiencia personal con la enseñanza, el Equipo Tarkington apoya a todos los estudiantes para que puedan realizar su potencial en la escuela superior, colegio, y más allá. ¡Con el apoyo de todos, nuestros estudiantes lograran excelencia!

- Jessica Reisner, Principal


Our Growth In

Steady, positive improvements in academic achievement, student engagement, and parent satisfaction are hallmarks of all AUSL-managed CPS schools. You will find reports for Tarkington School of Excellence to the right.

Our History

Building on Our History to
Create a Culture of Excellence


​Tarkington School of Excellence is named in honor of Booth Tarkington (1869-1946), an American novelist and dramatist best known for his novels The Magnificent Ambersons and Alice Adams, which he won the Pulitzer Prize in fiction for both.

Tarkington School of Excellence opened in 2005 and is the first Chicago Public School built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) guidelines as established by the U.S. Green Building Council. Highlights of the “green” features include a vegetated roof and reflective roofing, bio-swales direct storm water runoff to the nearby Marquette Park lagoon to reduce the load on municipal sewers, and sensors automatically adjust lights in response to the amount of daylight in a space.

The school is located on the site of a former and much smaller 5-classroom Tarkington Elementary School that opened in 1960 and was closed as a school in 1981 and leased to the Chicago Park District in 1984. The new building continues to serve Chicago Park District users and is the regional headquarters for the district.

The 3-story Tarkington building contains more than 134,000 square feet and includes 27 academic classrooms, 4 special education classrooms, a computer lab, science lab, music room, art room, library, gymnasium, soccer field, and cafeteria. The school serves 1060 students.


AUSL (Academy for Urban School Leadership) is a Chicago nonprofit school management organization that creates schools of excellence by developing highly effective teachers and transforming educational outcomes for students in the lowest performing schools.

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) turned over management of Tarkington School of Excellence to AUSL in 2005 as a training academy. Training Academies are neighborhood schools in which residents are trained. These schools are not turnarounds but were opened with the purpose of developing highly effective teachers for the challenging urban environment.

AUSL is committed to to providing all AUSL students with a quality education to prepare them for college and career.

Staff List

Questions for Our Staff?

If you have any questions, the Tarkington School of Excellence staff will be happy to assist you.

Phone: 773-535-4700


Jessica Reisner
773 535-4700
Email Me

Jacob Stefan
Assistant Principal
773 535-4700
Email Me

Tom Govan
773 535-4700
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Lonnie Chambers
773 535-4700
Email Me

Kathleen Bailey
Science Coach
773 535-4700
Email Me

Sheri Roney
Math Coach
773 535-4700
Email Me

Patricia Grivas
Case Manager
773 535-4700
Email Me

Olivia Haas
Email Me


Elizabeth Pedraza
Pre-kinder Teacher – Room 102
Ext. 54712
Email Me

Kate Myroup
Kinder Teacher – Room 112
Ext. 13278
Email Me

Edith Ortigoza
Kinder Teacher – Room 106
Ext. 13277
Email Me

Edith Scott
Kinder Teacher – Room 114
Ext. 13279
Email Me

Danielle Otto
Kinder Teacher – Room 119
Ext. 13280
Email Me

Anneliese Katek
Grade 1 Teacher – Room 121
Ext. 13281
Email Me

Everardo Flores
Grade 1 Teacher - Room 123
Ext. 13293
Email Me

Aaron Carreras
Grade 1 Teacher - Room 125
Ext. 13346
Email Me

Christine Berman
Grade 1 Teacher - Room 240
Ext. 13313
Email Me

Jordan Mostyn
Grade 3 Teacher – Room 229
Ext. 13307
Email Me

Mary Carmen Moreno
Grade 2 Teacher - Room 238
Ext. 13310
Email Me

Stacy Marsh
Grade 2 Teacher - Room 236
Ext. 13311

Sarah Leddon
Grade 2 Teacher - Room 234
Ext. 13312
Email Me

Maria Miranda-Chavez
Grade 3 Teacher - Room 219
Ext. 13301
Email Me

Alycia Ogborn
Grade 2 Teacher - Room 227
Ext. 13306
Email Me

Vanessa Pachon
Grade 3 Teacher - Room 230
Ext 13308
Email Me

Michelle Cadenas
Grade 3 Teacher - Room 232
Ext 13309
Email Me

Andrew DeVivo
Grade 4 Teacher – Room 206
Ext. 13295
Email Me

Jaden Miller
Grade 4 Teacher - Room 212
Ext. 13296
Email Me

Wendy Skipper
Grade 4 Teacher – Room 214
Ext. 13397
Email Me

Kelly Bullard
Grade 4 Teacher - Room 216
Ext. 13299
Email Me

Lisa Bonistalli
Grade 5 Teacher - Room 215
Ext. 13298
Email Me

Rochelle Klaassen
Grade 5 Teacher – Room 217
Ext. 13333
Email Me

Eduardo Martinez
Grade 5 Teacher – Room 327
Ext. 13331
Email Me

Adriana Lopez
Grade 5 Teacher - Room 329
Ext 13333
Email Me

Rochelle Klaasen
Grade 6 Teacher - Room 304
Ext 13316
Email Me

Ellen Kramer
Grade 6 Teacher – Room 306
Ext. 13318
Email Me

Grade 6 Teacher – Room 312
Ext. 13320
Email Me

Grade 6 Teacher – Room 314
Ext. 13321
Email Me

Miranda DeYoung
Grade 7 Teacher – Room 321
Ext. 13327
Email Me

John Tyler
Grade 7 Teacher - Room 322
Ext 13328
Email Me

Robin Thompson
Grade 7 Teacher – Room 323
Ext. 13329
Email Me

Siri Nelson
Grade 7 ELA/SS Teacher - Room 325
Ext 13330
Email Me

Taissa Lau
Grade 8 Science Teacher – Room 317
Ext. 13323
Email Me

Peter Espenson
Grade 8 ELA/SS Teacher – Room 319
Ext. 13325
Email Me

Carolyn Solarski
Grade 8 ELA/SS Teacher – Room 316
Ext. 13322

Bianca Claudio
Grade 8 Math Teacher – Room 320
Ext. 13326

Melinda Chan
Diverse Learners Teacher – Room 222 - A
Ext. 13302

Sarah Mitchell
Diverse Learners Teacher - Room 223
Ext 13304

John Foley
Diverse Learners Teacher - Room 225
Ext 13305

Anne Sullivan
Diverse Learners Teacher - Room 301-A
Ext 13349

Sonya Brubaker
Diverse Learners Teacher – Room 318
Ext. 13324

Linda Kane
Diverse Learners Teacher – Room 223
Ext. 13304

Elizabeth Gertzen
Art Teacher – Room 301
Ext. 13314

Rogelio Manzano
Physical Education Teacher – Room 131
Ext. 54715

Gino Ramirez
Physical Education Teacher – Room 131
Ext. 54715

Judy Dauparas
Math Lab - Room 222
Ext 13303
Email Me

Jared Roamaine
Technology Request Form

Support Staff

Diane Torres
Ext. 54702

Jessica Munoz
Ext 13282

Danyell Dye-Baxter
Ext 54701

Nelvys Marcano
Business Manager
Ext. 13291

Frances Arredondo
Library Assistant
Ext 13303

Teresa Gallarzo
Teacher's Assistant
Ext 13315

Angie Havelka
Teacher's Assistant

Monica Lagunas
Teacher's Assistant

Mayra Manzano
Teacher's Assistant

Maribel Martinez
Student Records
Ext. 13351

Stephanie Minter
Special Education Classroom Assistant

Mayra Ochoa
Bus Attendant

Diana Torres
Teacher's Assistant

Evelyna Alvarado
Teacher's Assistant

Shawn Montell
Teacher's Assistant

RIcky Amaro
Teacher's Assistant

John Nance